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I Hurt Just Thinking About It | Teeny Manolo

I Hurt Just Thinking About It

A 14 pound baby boy was recently delivered naturally and without an epidural in Iowa.


My own baby-chute cringes in sympathy.

Did I really just call it a baby-chute? Impressive what the lack of sleep can do for your vocabulary.

And I didn’t even give birth naturally, but had two C-sections.  Aaaaand, even if I hadn’t had the C-sections, both of my children were roughly half the weight of young Asher.

A good friend of mine had to deliver her second child without an epidural because her labor progressed more quickly than she realized, and she admitted that it was indeed the worst pain imaginable.  That was with a nine pound baby.  Add five more and you’ve got to have some major endorphin rush happening just to stay conscious.

One Response to “I Hurt Just Thinking About It”

  1. Awesome Mom February 1, 2012 at 10:01 am #

    Damn! She is lucky he didn’t get stuck. Personally I would have preferred a c-section over pushing that huge of a baby out. I can’t believe that she could not tell that her baby was that big, I had big babies too and my 11 pounder was so hard on my body. I could barely move at the end of my pregnancy with him.