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My Recent Trip to Target, and Some Questions

By Glinda

I often bring my son along because he enjoys going, and also because he is forever optimistically thinking I will buy him a cookie or an Icee or something from the food counter.

Him: I need some new toothpaste.
Me: Ok, go pick whichever one you want.
Him: (putting a tube in cart) Ok, I’m taking this one.
Him: No, wait a minute… (goes back to shelf)
Him: I don’t care if it has Disney Princesses on it, I want the Bubblegum flavor.

Now, should I be proud that my nine year old doesn’t care if his toothpaste has the decidedly uncool (for him) Princesses on it, or that in order to get the Bubblegum flavor, you have to get the Princesses?

Me: We need a hand soap refill, choose one for us. I’ll let you decide which scent you like best.
Him: (coming back to cart in record amount of time) Got it.
Me: Oh, what scent did you choose?
Him: I dunno what scent it was, I just picked the pink one. Things that are pink almost always smell good.

Now, should I be concerned about his generalizations about the color pink, or that the scent he actually chose was pink  grapefruit, and was the nastiest, most godawful-smelling soap I have ever used in my life?

And does anybody blame me for not taking him to Target with me last night?

4 Responses to “My Recent Trip to Target, and Some Questions”

  1. dgm Says:

    My boy likes to remind me that “in the olden days” pink was considered a boy’s color and blue was a girl’s color. Then he says that he used to like pink until he realized that girls took it over. He’s been marginalized by female hegemony. Go figure. At least your son is fighting the power!

  2. Glinda Says:

  3. marvel Says:

    I think it’s cool that your son will choose a toothpaste that he likes the flavor of, even if he has to accept Disney princesses as part of the deal. Shows he knows his own mind and will prioritize what is important to him. Wouldn’t worry about the soap; he is just being efficient.

  4. Glinda Says:

    He’s always been the type to pretty much do what he wants, regardless of what people think. Which can be really great sometimes, and also not.

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