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Things I Love: The Kid Should See This | Teeny Manolo

Things I Love: The Kid Should See This

Seriously, the kid SHOULD see this.  My son adores this site, and I find it just as fascinating as he does.

Created by a mom and her three year old, this is something a kid could spend quite a bit of time on and learn a ton while having fun.  What could be better?  The video above is just one of the eye-popping things in store for you.

Get thee to the site and bookmark it.  Now.

One Response to “Things I Love: The Kid Should See This”

  1. Bpetro October 6, 2011 at 6:16 am #

    Way cool! Thank you for sharing this. My daughter and I just watched a few videos. I really enjoyed the one with Jim Henson talking about how to make muppets. This will definitely be bookmarked.