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Wishcraft- Making Your Child’s Costume Look Inferior is Their Specialty

By Glinda

Well, unless of course you spend upwards of seventy dollars or so on your kid’s Halloween costume.  Then I guess you get to look smug.

This “dark angel” number will set you back a mere $88.00

But it’s much better than something like this:

The main costume is $98.00, but it doesn’t include the leggings, hat, or wings.  So I dare someone to put on just the dress part and have anyone recognize it as a phoenix.



The Alice costume they have is plain as can be, it’s the Queen of Hearts that gets all the love. As well it should for a hundred bucks.

If you would like your daughter to be the “Vampiress of Versailles” you will be charging $128.00 onto your credit card.

OK, I actually really like this costume.  But, if you want it to look just like it does in the picture, it will be around $160.00

Normally I’m all for unconventional costumes, but this one is a teensy bit baffling.  And for a hundred dollars, nobody should be guessing what you are.

To be fair, they do have some more reasonably priced costumes on the site, but they are considerably plainer and generic, so I should be glad that’s reflected in the price.  Right?

7 Responses to “Wishcraft- Making Your Child’s Costume Look Inferior is Their Specialty”

  1. class factotum Says:

    I guess it isn’t done to cut eye holes in a brown paper bag, decorate it with crayon, and wear it over the head any more, is it.

  2. SarahDances Says:

    Man, can I just be relieved that their costumes are age-appropriate? Now, at their target age, my mom still wouldn’t have let me go running around outside on October 31 with bare arms, but I suppose that’s as much a warmth issue as anything else.

    Then again, I was lucky to have a mom who could sew, and she made all my Halloween costumes growing up!

  3. marvel Says:

    I still think one of the most creative costumes I’ve ever seen was a young boy who had taped purple balloons all over himself — he was a bunch of grapes.

  4. KESW Says:

    Argh, I got on the mailing list for their print catalog somehow and it’s been driving me bonkers! Their costumes are SO ridiculously expensive (how about the Bo Peep accessory of a lifesized stuffed lamb for 300 bucks?) and personally I just do.not.get. spending THAT much money on an outfit that your kid will wear for ONE NIGHT. And with most families now being onlies or two kids (of disparate ages and sexes), you can’t really make an argument for hand-me-downs. All of this opinion leading me to wonder exactly how someone thought I’d be in the market for upscale children’s Halloween costumes…

  5. Bpetro Says:

    My daughter wants to be Rapunzel from Tangled this year. I spent more than I would like for the costume. However, after Halloween she will be allowed to play dress up in it as much as she wants. So I figure we will get our money’s worth as she is still playing dress up in the costumes from the last 2 years. These Wishcraft costumes don’t look like they would lend themselves to everyday play. 😉 In my book buying one of these for your child puts you in the more money than sense club.

  6. CTGIRL Says:

    Ok so I am the mom that purchases these really expensive costumes every year. Yes they are great for everyday dress up afterwards. I am an older mom and only have one child so I look at it like I have one shot for everything. They are quality costumes and my daughter is so joyful at halloween I cannot imagine not getting one –especially since she will grow out of this phase very soon.

  7. Beth Says:

    I too am one of the moms that purchase these costumes every year…in fact the Queen of Hearts is route to our house right now. We usually attend multiple Halloween events with our children dressed up so we need ones that last. My kids play dress up with them afterwards too, so I feel I get my $ worth. If you price out some of Disney’s costumes, they are equal in price range for the good quality ones sold at Disney World.

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