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Hey, At Least There’s One Upside

By Glinda

My son, as much as I love him, can drive me crazy with his stubbornness.  Which he gets, of course, from his father.

For the smallest of issues, he is entirely capable of digging in his heels and deploying a scorched-earth policy.  You know, like when I ask him to pick up his LEGO off the floor.   Also, he’s lazy.

So it was with some relief that I heard this exchange between him and his dad:

Munchkin: (Neighbor friend) is mad at me.

Dad: Why is that?

Munchkin: Because he wanted me to help clean up some rat poop in their garage and I wouldn’t do it.

Dad: Really? He wanted you to help pick that up?

Munchkin: Yeah, he said I should hold the pan while he swept it in.  But I told him no way.

Dad: Well, that stuff can be dangerous, so I think you did the right thing.

Munchkin: He even told me I needed to “man up” and do it.

Munchkin: But I told him it wasn’t my garage and why should I have to do it?  Then I left.

Thank God there is at least one positive thing about his stubborn streak.  And, peer pressure stands zero chance against the kind of pure, unadulterated laziness exhibited by my son.

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