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By Glinda

I present to you the utterly terrifying Harry Potter characters as reborn dolls.

I think it’s a tie between Voldemort and Dobby as to who will be the star of my nightmares tonight.

Herminone Granger

Ron Weasley


Harry Potter

Severus Snape



2 Responses to “SO MUCH WRONG”

  1. marvel Says:

    No, no, just wrong! Harry Potter didn’t get his scar until he was older. Voldemort was a good-looking young man prior to his descent into twisted darkness. Dobby’s eyes and ears should be MUCH bigger. If they’re going to cash in on Potter mania with creepy lifelike infant dolls, they should at least do it right.

    I like Snape, though. He looks snuggly.

  2. Amy Says:

    I agree with Marvel’s comments about Harry and Voldemort. My favorite, though, it Hermione – not that I’d ever get one!

    I have to wonder about people obsessed with reborn dolls. They are too lifelike and, for me, get into that area of the “uncanny valley” where it creeps me out. Creeps out normal people, that is.

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