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Monday Teeny Poll

Monday, June 20th, 2011
By Glinda

48% of you don’t mind baby showers, as long as you are good friends with the mother-to-be. The rest of the time, not so much. 28% are fine as long as they are not forced to play Baby Bingo and that game where you stick your hand in a bucket and try to identify as many objects in it as you can.  I hate that game.  Ahem.  16% loathe baby showers, and 8% of you prefer to share the pain at co-ed showers.  It is very telling that NOT ONE PERSON said they enjoyed going to baby showers.  I must ponder this.

So far this summer, I have seen exactly one movie in theaters.   It happened to be Bridesmaids, which I highly recommend.  But for almost everything else, I’m going to sit it out and wait for it to come to cable, or at the very least, video on demand.

Happy Father’s Day!

Sunday, June 19th, 2011
By Glinda

To all the Dads in our lives!

Cindy Crawford’s Mini-Me

Thursday, June 16th, 2011
By Glinda

I’ve always thought that Cindy Crawford was flat-out gorgeous, and knew that there was probably no way that she could have unattractive offspring.
But my goodness.

That is some fabulous DNA going on in this picture, is there not?

I’ve got family-picture envy. 

I often get the “oh, your daughter looks JUST like you” but it is almost scary how much Cindy’s daughter looks like her.

Things I Love: How the States Got Their Shapes

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
By Glinda

I am a sucker, total sucker, for great educational programming.

And the History Channel’s How the States Got Their Shapes falls into that category very nicely.

With Brian Unger (former Daily Show correspondent and NPR host) and his completely deadpan delivery, this show manages to make what could potentially be an extremely boring subject and make it sing.  He’s not to hard on the eyes, either, which always makes for a nice bonus.

If you’ve got a mature 8 year old, they should do fine with this show.  There is some historical violence, such as various reenactments of Civil War battles and so far, they have said the word “hell.” But it is totally in context.

You will find out the answers to these utterly fascinating questions: (and I say that not at all facetiously)

-How did an asteroid create the border for three states and change history?

– Why did we almost have a state called Forgottonia?

-Why does Montana look like it took a bite out of Idaho?

-Did the Civil War actually begin… in Kansas?

The season is already six shows in, but I’m guessing you can find it on reruns.  It IS the History Channel, after all.  If not, they’ve got all previously-aired shows online.

And yes, I am officially a geek.

Lioness Wants a Baby Appetizer

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011
By Glinda

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure as hell would not be laughing at a lioness attempting to eat my offspring. She isn’t being “cute” or “funny,” she is literally trying to attack that baby. It doesn’t make me giggle, it makes me want to run far, far away from that enclosure.

Monday Teeny Poll

Monday, June 13th, 2011
By Glinda

Last week I asked what you thought about the attempt to make circumcising infant males illegal, and a fairly overwhelming majority of 86% felt that it was an issue that should not be legislated.  Only 10% felt that it should be made illegal, and I have to admit that I side with the majority on this.  I know there is the argument that it is an unnecessary surgical procedure performed on an infant without their consent (which is sort of par for the course for infants) but it is also a religious/cultural thing for many, and I personally don’t feel comfortable stepping over that line and suddenly making an important religious ritual illegal.  Just my two cents.

Today I RSVP’d for a baby shower for someone I don’t know that well.  Her mother is a good friend of my MIL’s and she is a sweet person, I just feel a teensy bit awkward because the last time I saw them was my wedding, almost ten years ago.  However, obligations are obligations.

Celebrity Dad Faceoff 2.0

Friday, June 10th, 2011
By Glinda

Jamie Bamber is a veritable steamroller, flattening anyone who stands in his way with his six-pack.   He beat Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers by a 40% margin.

Now, this next contestant has had some negative press lately, what with allegations of doping and whatnot.  He also dumped Cheryl Crowe, which I have always thought was a bad move, but then again, what do I know? Anyhoo, we’re here to judge objectively on the pretty pictures, not on good behavior.


Things I Love: The Boy’s Body Book

Thursday, June 9th, 2011
By Glinda

As I mentioned before, I have been purchasing some reading material for the Munchkin related to the, ah, upcoming changes he will be experiencing in the next few years.

Along with the other book, I also purchased The Boy’s Body Book.  I skimmed through it briefly before purchasing, and when I was able to sit and read the entire thing, I was pleasantly surprised.

It encompasses not only things like the changes that puberty will be visiting upon him, but also addresses things like needing to take a shower, brushing your teeth, and wearing clean clothes.  There are sections about how to do well in school, tips on how to make new friends, and all sorts of other bonus material.

In short, it is everything I tell him, but written in a book form by someone else.  And thus for some reason, it bears a bit more weight than just being “my opinion.”  Because every eight year old knows that Mom has no clue what she is talking about and just likes to hear herself speak.

This morning before we left the house, I instructed my nine-years-old-in-three-months son to go brush his teeth.  This has long been a source of conflict between us, as for some unknown reason, he dislikes brushing his teeth.  Usually it is a big fight, and even though I always win, it just makes everyone frustrated.  So when he began complaining and asking why he had to brush his teeth, I told him that his book did a great job explaining why he needed to brush, and to go ahead and do it.  That stopped him in his tracks.  He acknowledged that the book did indeed explain very well why he needed to brush his teeth, and he promptly went and did so without another word.


I would have paid EVEN MORE for that book if I’d known it would make my life THAT easy.

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