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Let It Be

By Glinda

All right, so I’m sure you’ve already heard about young Storm.

If you haven’t, the brief explanation is that (basically) the parents of Storm are refusing to tell anyone the gender of their infant.  Even the grandparents.

Apparently, they would like to raise Storm free of the gender expectations that society imposes upon people, and let “Storm decide who Storm wants to be.”

They have so far raised two young sons in a non-conforming gender type of way, as one of them, Jazz, loves pink, having his long hair in braids, and nail polish.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the experiences they are having with their older son and his non-conforming preferences are coloring their view of what they would like society to be, and how they are hoping to somehow avoid that with Storm. 

 According to the article, they have been getting some outside pressures regarding Jazz and his preferences.  I’m sure this upsets them, and him, and they are pushing back against a society that says a boy must act this way and a girl must act that way.  Although to be fair, girls are pretty much encouraged to do all kinds of “boy” things, while boys are often frowned upon for doing girl things, but that’s another post entirely.

My personal thinking is that they should be a bit more aggressive in defending Jazz and his decisions.  They “unschool” their children, and it almost seems as if they are trying to shield Jazz from teasing and such, which as a parent I totally understand.  But there is a difference between wanting the world to be a certain way and facing the reality of how the world actually is.

How entrenched is gender?  Is it completely innate?  Is it learned? 

If gender is never brought up, does it never become an issue? 

But how could it not?

I’m not sure I would be comfortable conducting that experiment upon my child.

3 Responses to “Let It Be”

  1. marvel Says:

    Eh, whatever. Many children grow up under worse conditions; if the kids are fed, clothed, and raised with some level of discipline they’ll be fine. And there’s really nothing wrong with letting a small boy wear pink. (My grandfather used to comment that when he was growing up, all children under 5 wore dresses. It was easier. It was only when they started going to school that boys were dressed in trousers, so the teacher could tell them apart.)

    I do think the idea of raising kids “without boundaries,” or “letting them find their own way,” is a bit of a mistake. Kids need guidelines and rules and boundaries to push against. A little resistance and rebellion and discipline is ultimately a good thing. The world isn’t safe, and reality isn’t consequence-free, and all choices are not good. I think it’s unfair to let a child grow up thinking all is well and good and self-determining and you-can-be-whoever-you-want-to-be and then of course they get their first job and well, the world doesn’t always work the way you want. Might as well learn that lesson at age 2; the rest of life will be easier to deal with.

  2. class factotum Says:

    There is a true story – “As Nature Made Him” – about a boy who suffered a botched circumcision as an infant. As in, it was so bad that his parents decided to raise him as a girl.

    But he always knew he was a boy. He felt it. He eventually got the truth from his parents and changed to living as a male.

  3. blibble Says:

    It’s clearly a boy; look at the face.

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