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Stop Trying to Make the Breastfeeding Doll Happen! | Teeny Manolo

Stop Trying to Make the Breastfeeding Doll Happen!

Well, it actually has already happened, as the toymaker who concocted the Bebe Gluton is now bringing the concept to American shores.

Introducing Breastmilk Baby!

I’m putting the video after the jump because there are some pictures of actual breastfeeding in the ad, so NSFW…

You know, my dislike of this doll has absolutely nothing to do with approving or disapproving of breastfeeding (which I happen to support, but I also support women who bottlefeed as well) but rather thinking it is just unnecessary. 

Proponents of the doll say that other dolls on the market which have bottles are “confusing” for children. 

I’m sorry, but when the girl who plays with the doll becomes an adult, she is not going to shun breastfeeding because that is what she did with her dolls when she was five.  Then that would mean no one in my generation would be breastfeeding, and that ain’t the case.

2 Responses to “Stop Trying to Make the Breastfeeding Doll Happen!”

  1. The BabbyMama May 12, 2011 at 11:45 am #

    I’m not particularly for or against it. Just another toy that lets kids do what grownups are doing – and perhaps useful for someone who wants to prepare an older child for the arrival of a baby? I remember once watching my friend try to figure out how to explain to her daughter how I fed the Babby. She’d never seen or heard of breastfeeding, and while I wasn’t nursing in front of her, there weren’t any bottles around, either.

  2. Sarah May 12, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

    “A lesson for life”? If ONLY breastfeeding was as easy as pointing a doll at a flower/nipple and saying GO!