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Babysitter’s Club

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
By Glinda

Finally, I am one of them.

I’ve seen these moms, or more importantly, heard them, for years.  They would always chatter glibly about going out on weekends with their husbands, or taking some time for themselves and getting a mani-pedi during the week.  I would jealously eavesdrop, wondering how and where they found their totally trusworthy, reliable babysitter.

Because they weren’t talking.

Nobody in their right mind shares the name or number of their babysitter.  Once a good babysitter is found, this information is kept under tighter security measures than embassy communiques.  Some mothers have been known to make their babysitters wear hats and sunglasses on the way in and out of the house, just to keep them unidentifiable.

You see, because once you give out the number, then you are suddenly competing with your friend for the limited number of hours that the babysitter is available.  This can try even the best of mom friendships. 

But now, I’ve got my own.  And bonus points that it is the niece of my next door neighbor, so if something hits the fan, auntie is right next door.

And no, I’m not telling anyone else.  Ever.

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