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Things I Love: Luna Luna Copenhagen*

By Glinda

Now that I have a daughter, I find it hard to say that I enjoy shopping for her.  I feel it is disloyal to my son to say that, but there are just so many more things for girls than for boys.  It’s unfair, but until I figure out how to design my own clothing line for boys, that’s the way it is.

I recently found Luna Luna Copenhagen, which makes beautiful, simple clothes for girls.  I like them because they do not have all the poufs and froufs (a totally made-up term) that so many girls’ things have.  My daughter is not a poufs and froufs kinda gal.  Are these clothes on the expensive side? Yes.  But I still love them.  These clothes are from their Holiday 2010 and Fall 2010 collections, but they’ve got lots more. 

So gorgeous!

This is practically perfect.

Simple and lovely.


Why was there nothing this awesome when I was growing up?  Eh, my mom probably never would have bought it for me anyway.

*I received no pay or other type of compensation for this review.

2 Responses to “Things I Love: Luna Luna Copenhagen*”

  1. marvel Says:

    Adorable, but out of my price range… Also, I never thought those old laundry detergent commercials (where the hard-working mother was faced with a t-shirt that had ketchup, chocolate milk and grass stains on it) were remotely realistic, until my first one hit two. And then, you know, all that plus crayons and dirt. And if they can’t wear it to play, then they can’t wear it enough to make it worth a ton of money. So I don’t put too much money into clothes.

  2. Glinda Says:

    Agreed, I’m not one for spending a ton of money on clothes either. But, it’s kind of like grown-up clothes where I still enjoy looking at purty stuff, even if I can’t buy it for myself.

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