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Monday Teeny Poll

A whopping 76% of you disapproved of this mother’s choice to include her daughters in her homebirth, despite their wishes otherwise. I agree with you. In her story she says she didn’t “have the time” to make alternate plans for her daughters when her labor began. That is a poor excuse, as it was obvious they didn’t want to be involved, and I’m going to say that 99.9% of mothers make alternate plans for siblings, even for a planned homebirth. Everything going perfectly is not always a guarantee, and there should always be a backup route in case something goes wrong. And if there are mothers who don’t at least have a plan B, then shame on you. Maybe you should get your parenting license revoked.

Today, I’m taking a fashion tack, as Heidi Klum has introduced a new activewear line for New Balance, with a few of the designs coming from Andy, a Project Runway contestant.  Nothing like free designs, eh Heidi?  The outfits, pictured above, run from about $98.00 for the pants, and around 170.00 for the dress and hoodieThe top is $118.00.

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  1. marvel October 11, 2010 at 7:33 am #

    … and by “not my style,” I mean, “I would look seriously, heinously, eye-hurtingly awful.” Especially in those skinny legging-looking things.