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Monday Teeny Poll | Teeny Manolo

Monday Teeny Poll

Who knew that mom jewelry would spark such divisiveness? In the closest Teeny Poll evah, mom jewelry was voted an “out” by 51% percent, which leaves 48% voting for an “in.” And don’t ask me why the numbers don’t add up properly, ask Twiigs. I happen to like some of the mom jewelry out there, and I think that if someone likes it, why not wear it? Granted, some of it is pretty awful, but the same can be said for many types of jewelry, which apparently doesn’t deter some people.

Today marks the end of a birthday weekend extravaganza for my son, which included a party where my mother-in-law was invited. Just to let you know, I don’t necessarily always get along with my mother-in-law.  But for the sake of the grand kids, we’ve made a semi-easy peace.  Or at least we are nice to each other’s faces.  I can’t say for sure what happens once she gets home.

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