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Monday Teeny Poll

By Glinda


Is it just me or did this weekend completely zip by? As my daughter is getting older and thus napping less, it seems my spare time has pretty much shrunk to nothing.

Last week I wanted to know how you shop, and 60% of you like to see the things you buy in person. I can totally relate to that, although I will admit that it seems stores are carrying less and less inventory and I am pretty much being forced to shop online for many things. Even though I would buy them in person if I could. Just the other day I was at Nordstrom’s, looking for Philosophy’s Save Me, and they didn’t have it. They had everything else but that. Of course, because that is what I wanted and that is the story of my life.

A couple of weeks ago I had a cupcake from this place, and I was completely underwhelmed. Which got me to thinking…

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  1. dr nic Says:

    That was a tough one to answer. I went with team pie, because I’m super picky about the cake I eat. I had a heck of a time picking a wedding cake when I got married, because I hate store bought cakes so much that I wanted to find one I’d actually eat. When I was little, I had my mother make me pie for my birthday instead of cake. Now that I’m an adult who enjoys baking, I make cakes more often. And since I found a recipe for buttercream that I actually enjoy eating, I make/decorate/eat cakes far more often than I used to. But if I’m at work and they bring a cake in for someone’s birthday I either avoid it entirely or take the smallest piece possible and pick at it.

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