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Monday Teeny Poll

By Glinda


Wow, 67% of you actually eat your leftovers before they go bad. You have my admiration. But then again, you also don’t live with my husband, who somehow always manages to push the leftovers way into the back of the shelves where I forget about them until it’s too late. 21% of you share my pain in this regard. And a surprisingly large segment, 10%, doesn’t do leftovers at all. Does that mean you eat everything you order? Or someone else eats them for you?

Today it seems that pretty much the whole country is hot. Did you know that 2010 is the hottest year ever recorded?

Gets me in the mood for a drinky-poo.

4 Responses to “Monday Teeny Poll”

  1. gemdiva Says:

    Cranberry juice and club soda with a slice of lime on the rocks, if I’m abstaining. Vodka Gimlet if I’m in a party mood and not driving.

  2. The gold digger Says:

    I want a diet Dr Pepper so bad but I have had to cut out diet sodas and artificial sweeteners in an attempt to prevent migraines.

  3. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    I like lemonade or iced tea, but only if they’re more tart than sweet.

  4. Glinda Says:

    @gemdiva- Can you believe I’ve never had a Vodka Gimlet? I’ll have to try it when I’m not lactating!

    @Tgd- I used to be a total Diet Coke addict, and one day finally switched to drinking pretty much nothing but decaf tea, unsweetened.

    @LPA- I’m the opposite with lemonade, can’t stand it tart! I love it with strawberries.

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