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Things I Hate: People Who Hate Kids

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010
By Glinda

There is no turning of the cheek, yo.

I am totally sick of people who hate on kids.

They are particularly rampant online, and they are always the first to preface their dislike of children by saying, “I was a perfectly behaved child. My mom made sure of that.”

The passage of time, it just adds to the delusion for these people.

Because there is no way in hell that absolutely every public appearance ever made by them and their siblings was the epitome of perfect behavior. It might make them feel better about their decision to hate upon little ones by telling themselves that dubious fact, but if that was indeed the case, I’m guessing that mom might have had a wire hanger issue or three.

Listen, I can certainly understand being annoyed by misbehaving children. I am annoyed by them too. But that doesn’t give me carte blanche to drink the haterade on an entire generation.

I mean, I’m not necessarily fond of baby boomers, but you won’t find me casually tossing out the fact that I can’t stand them and wish they would just go away. But this seems to be an acceptable thing for the obviously childless to do.

But I’ve got some news for all the baby haters out there.

Kids, they are here to stay.  Kids with all their imperfections and tantrums and behaviors that occasionally make you wish for the Calgon, already. 

However, kids also have this amazing way of finding joy in the simplest of things, and of being unintentionally hilarious just when you need a laugh the most.  Kids with their sticky hugs, their Lego creations made just for you, and their faces looking up into yours like you are the best. thing. ever.

The people who constantly scowl at “these kids today” are those who richly deserve the ugly permanent brow furrows they will be getting in their foreheads tomorrow.

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