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Monday Teeny Poll

By Glinda

Ah well, you must excuse the lateness of my post due to the recovery from a very busy weekend! Throw in a baby who won’t sleep through the night any more for some strange reason, and you’ve got one tired Glinda! One who didn’t get around to realizing she didn’t post a poll until, oh, about five minutes ago.

Last week I asked about the oldest item of clothing in your closet that you still wear, and answers were all over the place! The top vote-getter was 6-8 years, with 21% of the vote. Coming in with 17% were twenty years or older and thirteen to fifteen years. I already told you about my amazing expanding sweatshirt from 1991, but other than that piece, I would say the next oldest is about ten years old.

Today I’ve got a question about something that happened to the Munchkin a few weeks ago. He went over to a friend’s house and that friend happens to have a brother who is close in age, within two years. I called over at one point to see how they were doing, and the mom said that it was time for me to pick the Munchkin up because they weren’t including the younger brother in their activities. Well, I’m sorry to say that I disagree with this point of view. The Munchkin is not there to play with the brother, he is there to play with his friend, and just because there is a small age difference shouldn’t mean the younger sibling is automatically a “friend” too. Does this mean that the older sibling never gets to have friends of his own and must share them all with his brother, who is his polar opposite personality-wise?

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  1. Becky Says:

    Egad! I’m glad my mother took the opposite approach, trying to keep my brother from pestering me when I had a friend over. My brother and I actually played together all the time as kids; it didn’t need to be forced.

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