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Ask Glinda- Girly Edition

By Glinda

Raincoaster asks:

Now that you’re a mom of a girl, do you like the same things for her as you liked before you had a real girl? Or has reality changed your tastes?

Reality, it bites.

No, really.

When I had only my son to buy for, to be honest, I never even looked at girl things.  I was too busy being the bitter person over in the corner of the store, wondering why the girls got racks and racks of clothing, while the boys were relegated to a quarter of a wall by the dressing rooms.

But when I did happen to do more than just glance at the girl stuff, I would always seem to zero in on something absolutely adorable, something that made me curse my ovaries and their relative lack of reproductive skill.

Now that I have a girl of my own?  The clothes suck.  Those racks and racks?  All filled with ugly crap.  I can never find the right colors.  And when I do find something that I think might work, they don’t have it in her size.  This very thing happened to me at Baby Gap just a couple of days ago, when I thought I had finally found a nice dress for a professional photo.   Thus, I have vowed to spend as little money on her clothes as possible, at least until they start making some decent things.  Which may or may not happen, and which might end up with her in therapy down the road. 

Scene twenty years from now:

Shrink:  Why do you think your mom never bought you nice clothes?

Munchkinette:  She said it was because she could never find anything decent, but I think it was just because she hates me!  (begins sobbing uncontrollably)


Maybe I should try harder.


3 Responses to “Ask Glinda- Girly Edition”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    I hear ya! Sometimes I find it very difficult to find girl clothes that have not been dipped into a great big vat of garishness before being shipped to stores. And now that my daughter is on the cusp of “bigger girl” clothes, I have to contend with styles that are completely inappropriate for children.

  2. missm Says:

    Three words for you: Olive Juice Kids. Classic, extremely well-made clothes. A little pricey at regular price (but I can see why, they’re beautifully constructed. Lined shorts! Wonderful fabrics!) but they have great sales. Not obnoxious or fussy or twee but still classically girl.
    PS. I have no affiliation with them except to send money periodically in exchange for clothes.

  3. Glinda Says:

    @missm- Thanks for the tip! You are right, though, they are fairly pricey!

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