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CSI: Casa Glinda

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
By Glinda



The Crime: Mama ain’t getting any sleep.

The Perps:

boy and girl angels

Perp 1: The Munchkin AKA The Brain AKA Drama King

Evidence:  Will walk into my bedroom when I am asleep, even though I have asked him to only wake me in an emergency, to tell me that he is bored.  Or hungry.  Or a combination of the two.  Nice emergency, kid.

Perp 2: The Munchkinette AKA Cutie Pie AKA Here Comes Trouble

Evidence:  Will basically refuse to go to sleep, even when extremely tired.  Prone to waking up at the slightest noise.  Also in the middle of the night. Has the gall to be cheerful at two in the morning. 

The Verdict: Guilty as hell.  Those halos are totally fake.

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