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Julia Roberts is Just Like Me

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
By Glinda

Julia roberts oscar armani


Who knew?

Due to copyright reasons, I can’t put up a video clip of Julia’s interview with Oprah, but here’s a link if you are so inclined.

Basically, Oprah asks her about a typical day with her family, and Julia rattles off a synopsis of  getting everyone up, fed, off to school, then home for a snack, “…just like every other family on the street.”

Oh yes, Julia.  The similarities between you and 99.9% of the rest of the population are so very obvious.

Because all of us wear vintage Valentino gowns as we accept our Oscar, all of us get paid millions of dollars for a few months of work, and all of us hang out with George Clooney in Italy. Why, we were just there a month or so ago, and George sends you his best.

For once, I would like to hear some millionaire mom admit that she has an easier time than the rest of us, if only for the fact that unlike a certain someone who writes this blog, she never has to worry that the money to pay the babysitter is almost as expensive as the event that warrants the babysitting.  Which of course, usually means that events like that don’t happen all that often. 

So Julia, hang on to your delusion that you are just like me. 

Until I see you dropping your kids off to school in your unwashed car, hair in a messy bun and still in your pajamas, I’m not buying it.

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