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Things That Confuse Me: Diaper Cakes

By Glinda

diaper cake

I wonder who the first person was that thought it was a fantastic idea to take disposable diapers, stack them like layers of a wedding cake, and put flowers on them.   Oh, and then charge a small fortune for them on top of it.

Here you are, having your perfectly nice baby shower, when someone waltzes in with one of these creations. I’m sure they look nice, but then what? Obviously, you can’t eat them. “Diaper” just isn’t ever going to be a viable cake flavor.  Then, I’m sure the thing is a pain the the ass to take apart, because the whole concept just isn’t natural and can only be achieved by what must be quite a bit of tape.  So to get to your perfectly useful diapers, you’ve got to unwind the ribbon and take off all the flowers, which sounds like a very un-fun way to spend the time.

I’ll just take a regular pack of diapers, please.  No need to even gift-wrap them.

Oh, and a real piece of cake.

5 Responses to “Things That Confuse Me: Diaper Cakes”

  1. Lunakitsch Says:

    I actually just made a diaper cake for a shower that I hosted. I used rubber bands to roll up the diapers and taped the ribbon to itself, so all of the diapers are perfectly useable. I decided to go for the idea because I wanted a cute centerpiece and I thought this would be neater than buying one of those cheesy fan-out paper ones from the party store. Plus, it allowed me to express some creativity in how I dealt with the decorations.

  2. Glinda Says:

    @lunakitsch- Now what you did, I can see. Paying Babies R Us a hundred and fifty bucks? Not so much.

    Maybe I’m just jealous of all the crafty peoples.

  3. Merry Says:

    Disguising anything as cake that isn’t actually cake can only lead to disappointment.

    DH once had a job that included lunch. One day the chef had nothing better to do, so he decided to make the help’s tuna salad lunch look like a layer cake. So here comes lunch looking like a beautiful layer cake. The help actually thinks they’re getting cake for lunch. Imagine the devastation upon biting into a piece, thinking it’s cake, only to find out it’s tuna fish. Even the most delicious tuna salad could not overcome that disadvantage.

    Expectations people. Happiness is all about setting expectations.

  4. Glinda Says:

    @Merry- That is just so very wrong. And hilarious at the same time.

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