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Happy Mother’s Day!

By Glinda


Have I ever told you about my first Mother’s Day?

The one where my husband was working, and I was getting ready to go to my sister’s house for dinner. The Munchkin was seven months old, and I still treated him as if he was made out of china. For some reason, I tried to put him in the Baby Bjorn (even though, hello, the walk to the car was all of twenty steps) while standing over his crib.

Well, because I treated him so delicately and because I was always afraid I would clasp the Bjorn wrong, I did exactly that. The Munchkin went tumbling out of the Bjorn, hit his head on the side of his crib, and then fell on the floor.

Yeah, it was as as bad as it sounds.

So my very first Mother’s Day was spent in the ER, thinking I had just caused irreparable brain damage to my child. One for the memory books, for sure.

And that is my gift to you, the present of feeling vastly superior in your parenting skills.

Happy Mother’s Day!

2 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. Meg Says:

    And yet the munchkin has turned out fine, so clearly you’re not a bad mom at all ­čÖé

    I did giggle though. (And I think we all have those stories — not six months ago Zilla was on our bed and suddenly flung herself backwards, over the side, falling onto a pillow face first. She was fine, but I think I lost four years of my life in those four seconds.)

  2. marvel Says:

    I think almost every infant–even those of hyper-vigilant and doting mothers–suffers an accidental minor head-thumping at least once. It’s what skulls are for! Plus the little brains are so plastic and expansive at that age! At least, that’s what I tell myself when my little ones bump their noggins.

    No feelings of superiority, here, Glinda! Just been-there, done-that commiseration.

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