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Representing for the Non-Baldies

Thursday, March 25th, 2010
By Glinda

bald baby

My five-month old daughter is one of the few.

One of the proud.

One of the infants born with a full head of hair.

I’m not talking about some sort of wimpy fuzz.  No, this chick had hair.  The nurses actually couldn’t get over the fact that it even had golden highlights in it from day one and joked that they themselves paid serious money for those kinds of highlights.

It’s pretty much the first thing people remark upon when seeing her for the first time.  Not her beautiful blue eyes, or long eyelashes, or her lovely smile which radiates joy.

Yet all around me, I see discrimination against her.

If you look at ads for baby items, from diapers to soap, pretty much all of the babies are bald. Oh, maybe one or two have a patch of wannabe hair on the tippy-top, but for the most part display lots of pink skin.

So is my daughter is going to grow up with a complex about her abundant locks ? Will she look at all of her baby friends and realize she is the only one able to utilize a headband for the actual purpose for which it was made, not just to match her outfit?  Will the toddlers down the block snicker behind their hands and say, “Looks like somebody could use a visit to the salon!” Or parents who see her full mane and whisper, “Shouldn’t that kid be walking yet?” not realizing she’s only six months old.

Do follicularly blessed babies not cry when pricked, or laugh when tickled?

They may resemble all the rest in that, they just do it with better hair.

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