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Detention Notice

By Glinda

detention notice

8 Responses to “Detention Notice”

  1. qc Says:

    well… is it what she said?

    my seven year old is wandering around the house singing, “take me down to paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty” It is from a video game (other than the intro song a good racing game for everyone with no bad language). I live in fear that he will start singing it at school.

  2. Chiken Says:

    qg – i don’t see what the problem would be there.

  3. Glinda Says:

    It’s the sexual reference implied by what he said to her “(innocent comment).”

    I’m torn in thinking it’s a big deal out of nothing, but then I think again and I’m not sure. Then again, I’m operating on five hours of sleep.

    qc- I think you’re ok, that song isn’t all that bad! Even though I loathe GNR.

  4. Galadrium Says:

    Ummm, it’s junior high and he knows exactly what he is saying! And sadly, the double meaning was proably understood by most of the kids. Sorry, but if he attended my class he would be written up as well. Was this comment said to or overheard by a female student? Not acceptable in a classroom!!!!!!

    This is a little different than a primary grade student repeating something they have heard.

  5. enygma Says:

    Ditto with what Galadrium wrote.

  6. Phyllis Says:

    *Sigh* this is sadly very typical for the Gulag that is middle school.

  7. qc Says:

    I was wondering if you knew that this made it over to in the comments section on one of the posts.

  8. Glinda Says:

    qc, I didn’t, thanks for the heads up!

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