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Celebrity Dad Faceoff 2.0

Saturday, January 16th, 2010
By Glinda

Has it really been a week since I last posted?   You see, it wasn’t supposed to be so long, perhaps a day or two at the most, but because AT&T requires something like a month’s notice that you are moving residences, it took longer than I thought to get my connectivity back.  And then, just when I thought I was home free, my wireless keyboard decided not to work anymore, even though the wireless mouse was working, and I thought that was odd, and I kept trying and trying and driving myself crazy trying to get the dang thing to type some damn letters already and this week has overall been the kind of week in which you stare longingly at the Cherry Garcia in the freezer and then finally throw up your hands in defeat, grab the nearest spoon, and eat the whole carton even though you know you probably shouldn’t. But it sure does make you feel better.


It seems that we have a weakness for the British here on CDF, because Hugh Laurie’s English self beat the well-worn Levi’s off of American Bruce Springsteen.  Born in the USA or no, Bruce is out.  But who should Hugh face?

Hmmm, let me think…

How’s about a little insect?

Hugh Laurie



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