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Scary, and Not in a “Good” Way | Teeny Manolo

Scary, and Not in a “Good” Way

Jacob Black Barbie Doll

This is Mattel’s immortalization of  Twilight’s Jacob Black.  You know, Werewolf Barbie.

It makes me uncomfortable in ways I have difficulty expressing.

Is it the fact that this is supposed to be targeted to tweens?

Is it the fact that the actor who plays Jacob Black is still a minor, yet is obviously being portrayed as a sex symbol with that eight-pack?

Or is it just that those cutoff jean shorts are so very dorky?  Or that he is wearing sneakers with no socks?

Some help here?



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One Response to “Scary, and Not in a “Good” Way”

  1. dgm November 18, 2009 at 6:39 pm #

    It’s definitely the cutoffs, and the fact that the doll is totally smooth underneath. At least that’s what I find so troubling.