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The Littlest Dandy | Teeny Manolo

The Littlest Dandy

Oh yes, it’s our favorite young dandy, Arlo Weiner!  He’s back at GQ with some super fantastic fall fashion advice.

Let’s take a peek at his latest sartorial offerings:

Arlo Weiner fall1

I love the color coordination on this outfit.

Arlo Weiner fall2

Mad Hatter meets mod.

Arlo Weiner fall3

All aboard the fashion train!

Arlo Weiner fall4

Would you care for a virgin cocktail?

One Response to “The Littlest Dandy”

  1. raincoaster November 13, 2009 at 7:56 am #

    Oh, if he were legal I’d marry him! THE HATS! The glorious hats!