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Halloween a Bust in Bobtown | Teeny Manolo

Halloween a Bust in Bobtown

scared old lady

The town of Bobcat, Pennsylvania has decided to ban trick-or-treating on Halloween.  Count that as a place I would try to move away from as quickly as possible.

Instead of being able to do door-to-door, the town will hold a four hour Halloween party.

That’s all well and good, but what if you really wanted to go trick-or-treating? I think it’s fine to suggest that it’s safer to attend a party, but to ban the option altogether? What is the reason behind the insanity?

Assistant Dunkard Fire Chief David Pritchard, running unopposed for supervisor in the election, said he was surprised by all the negative reaction to the decision to ban trick-or-treating.

He says there’s been a lot of break-ins lately and that older people in Bobtown were scared.

What up with that, older peoples of Bobtown? Because you are scared some little kid in an angel costume is going to demand more than just a bite-sized Snickers?

You know, there is an uptick in crime during the Christmas season. I wonder if the older people of Bobtown are going to demand that Christmas be put to a stop as well?

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