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Roman Polanski is Not Above the Law

By Glinda

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I cannot believe that anyone in their right mind would take the side of a man who pled guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a child, in his case, a thirteen year old he drugged.  And yet, some in Hollywood would have that because he is such a talented guy, the United States should leave him alone.  You know, because he’s such a swell guy.

What the hell is this world coming to?

I say that justice has been put off for much too long, and for years Mr. Polanski has been flaunting the fact that he escaped his sentencing so successfully.  I don’t give a pair of Crocs that he is “too talented” to be punished for raping a young teen.  Since when does being brilliant make you above the law? Phil Spector is a musical genius, but you didn’t see anyone wearing “Free Spector” buttons at his murder trial, did you?

If it was their child who had suffered at the hands of Mr. Polanski, I hardly think their thoughts would be so charitable.

A child molester is a child molester is a child molester.  You could be the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize, and I still would want your ass in jail.  You could be the person who discovered the cure for cancer, but if you sexually molested a kid, I still would want your ass in jail.

I am ashamed that anyone would be  calling for leniency on his behalf. I don’t care if it was thirty years ago. I don’t care that he is married and has children. I don’t care that he thought he was going to be safe in flying to Switzerland.  I don’t care if he is a Holocaust survivor.

He admitted that he drugged and had sex with a thirteen year old, though some creative lawyering bargained it down to a lesser offense,  and his presence in the slammer is long overdue.

18 Responses to “Roman Polanski is Not Above the Law”

  1. Obi-Wandreas Says:

    It’s a general amorality of those who think that the lives of the young and innocent are simply pawns for the whim and convenience of others. They do not believe in the concept of personal responsibility. Whatever makes you feel good is good.

    Using a position of power and/or trust for personal gain or purposes at the expense of others is the most heinous crime a person can commit. For such an offense, no earthly punishment can be sufficient.

  2. qc Says:

    well said

  3. KESW Says:

    agreed agreed agreed. I cannot BELIEVE that people are attempting to defend him. He was a grown man, who knew better, and the girl said no. Rape of a minor is something that NO ONE should get away with. I don’t care if you’re President Obama or Bill Gates or Mother Teresa. A crime is a crime.

  4. Phyllis Says:

    NPR interviewed the victim, Samantha Geimer (no I’m not outing her, she was named in the interview.) She has moved on with her life and has even forgiven him. She basically said she doesn’t want to deal with this again in court so if even the victim wants to put it behind her what is the value of pursuing this?

  5. Awesome Mom Says:

    Amen to that Glinda!

  6. Glinda Says:

    I’m glad that the victim has healed, and I even understand her not wanting to relive a horrid period of her life.

    But does that mean we shouldn’t prosecute a crime because the victim no longer “wants” us to?

    He still committed the crime, and in my opinion, Roman Polanski is even more loathable because if he had just taken his due punishment, the victim would not have to be dragged through this yet again.

    However, that doesn’t mean he should just get to skate.

  7. Jennie Says:

    I have no problem with letting him go as long as his gonads and penis have been severed, fried up with a little butter and garlic and stuffed down his “talented” gullet. Shite! Child molesters of any ilk are drains on society and should be taken out of the gene pool permanently.

  8. class factotum Says:

    Phyllis, the crime is not just against the victim but against society. Society has an interest in sending the message that such behavior will not be tolerated, even if the perpetrator evades justice for 30 years. Otherwise, why not skip bail and then just wait your time out until all is forgiven?

  9. dgm Says:

    Phyllis, the reason criminal cases are prosecuted as “State v. X” is that the state (on behalf of “society”) is considered the wronged party. Geimer sued Polanski in a private suit and received a settlement, so perhaps she has already “moved on.” Nonetheless, Polanski’s heinous crime stands unpunished. He needs to be held accountable.

  10. gemdiva Says:

    What I’d like to know is how come it took so long to catch the little pissant? He certainly hasn’t been keeping a low profile. BTW I’m with you Jenny 🙂

  11. gemdiva Says:

    Oops…make that Jennie

  12. Glinda Says:

    Gemdiva, from what I gathered, the Swiss and the whole UBS thing has a whole lot to do with why they were suddenly so concerned about Mr. Polanski. He even has a home there, that is why he was so “shocked” at his detainment.

    Too frickin’ bad.

  13. Phyllis Says:

    dgm I’m well aware of that I work in law. Regardless of the legal justification, in this particular instance it makes no sense to me to drag a victim through the process again so a prosecutor can advance a career and those us standing on the sidelines can pat ourselves on the back because “justice” was done.

  14. class factotum Says:

    Phyllis, why does the victim have to be dragged through anything? He already pled guilty to the rape charge and any charges of fleeing or bail jumping are separate. Does the victim need to be involved in any further legal proceedings?

  15. raincoaster Says:

    and, really, he’s not THAT talented.

  16. dgm Says:

    “dgm I’m well aware of that I work in law.”

    Geez, Phyllis, my comment was not meant to patronize. Congratulations on your impressive career choice.

  17. Merry Says:

    I agree with class factotum. He’s not coming back to stand trial for the rape. He needs to be sentenced and serve his time. The judge may choose to sentence him to time served, though I hope he does not. He should then face the criminal charges that come with his evading the sentencing and bail jumping.

    Hey, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

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