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Suri Cruise and Her High Heels

By Glinda

Suri high heels

Why so smug, Katie Holmes?

Yes, I know I just put a picture up of these two, but this one is prompting an entirely different reaction in me.

Are those really heels I am seeing on that three year old?  Peep-toe pumps?

Perhaps these are just the very rich person version of dress up shoes, but I’m not so sure.  All the dress up shoes I am familiar with for little girls wouldn’t last longer than a minute on concrete.

So, let us just hope that these shoes were a very transient thing in young Suri’s life, that she took them off as soon as she got into the car/hotel.  And that this will not spark some sort of crazy high heel trend for the preschool set.

Because as much as we love our heels around here in the Manolosphere, I think we can all pretty much agree that heels on a three year old is just wrong.

9 Responses to “Suri Cruise and Her High Heels”

  1. Pencils Says:

    It’s one thing if they’re dress-up shoes. But I wouldn’t put it past Katie Holmes to allow Suri to wear heels–remember last winter when the gossip sites were full of pictures of Katie all bundled up, and Suri would be in short sleeves, without even a cardigan. What I hate is how so many parents allow their little girls to walk around in the summertime in flip flops and slide sandals where the child has to shuffle along to keep them on her feet. It’s one thing at the pool or beach, anoth er at the mall or supermarket, or worse, when she’s out playing. Kids should have sandals that attach to their feet, or sneakers, so they can run and play at a moment’s notice. But that’s only my opinion.

  2. Never teh Bride Says:

    So wrong!

  3. The Bombshell Says:

    I have to tell the truth here, I think it’s adorable.

  4. Glinda Says:

    I’m cringing at the thought of what heels would be doing to her developing feet, although I’m all for dress ups.

  5. dgm Says:

    No no NO!

  6. Phyllis Says:

    Doesn’t bother me and I have two daughters.

  7. raincoaster Says:

    If I could have gotten Ayyyy to cooperate with this computer, I’d have blogged about this myself. We all know it’s not the first time they’ve put obnoxiously ostentatious shoes on that little girl ($1700 Louboutins, anyone?) but it’s the first time they’ve put ones that are ergonomically unsound and fashion-victimy on her. It won’t be the last, as we all know.

  8. marvel Says:

    I’m sure Suri is in the throes of the “I want to be just like my mommy” stages of early childhood. My daughter (same age) loves to walk around the house in my shoes and pretend to be me; she would love to wear heels. She bought a dress-up pair with her own money just a few weeks ago.

    I would never let her wear REAL high-heeled shoes, because my daughter needs to be able to run and jump and skip and play and she’s got a lifetime to be an adult, and only a few years to be little, but it does take some discipline to say no, I will not buy you those shoes, which you so desperately want.

  9. Leigh Says:

    Want to be like mommy? Want to be like daddy, more like. Of the two of them, I think he’s the one more likely to wear heels. If the kid starts sporting swanky Italian platform loafers, then we’ll know for sure.

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