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Monday Teeny Poll

By Glinda

Oh hai.

I don’t know if you noticed my absence during all of last week, but I was busy being given a delicious solution of dextrose solution and antibiotics via IV in my prison hospital room. It was four days of no food and hoping it would relax my irritable gall bladder, or else go into surgery and possibly trigger preterm labor at 31 weeks. Fun times my friends, fun times!

But I’m back and on some sort of low-fat diet that really isn’t all that bad, hoping that another attack does not occur until I’m at least 36 weeks. Else they will probably check my butt back into the hospital and that would make me an extremely crabby person, to say the least. But trust me when I say there is no food tempting enough to risk having all that happen again.

All right, onwards and upwards!

For last week’s poll, the majority of you stated that you aren’t even capable of looking towards the holidays yet, it’s just one day at a time. I hear you sistas, I hear you.

As for today, perhaps you haven’t yet heard of Kanye West completely dissing 17 year old Taylor Swift at the VMA’s. What say you about this incident?

3 Responses to “Monday Teeny Poll”

  1. Pencils Says:

    Poor Glinda! That’s awful. I’ve been on nil by mouth in the hospital, and it sucks big time. At least you’re home now and the baby is OK, which is all that’s important.

    And Kanye is a jerk. He can’t stand it if he’s not making his opinion known.

  2. galadrium Says:

    Glad you’re back and doing better!

    And this would be why I quit watching shows populated by egotistical idiots.

  3. Glinda Says:

    Thanks! It really was pure torture to be in the hospital for that long. I’m glad to be out.

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