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Monday Teeny Poll

By Glinda

Sorry for the AWOL this weekend, I had the luck of having a gallstone attack yesterday (didn’t even know I had them!) and was busy suffering the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life! Wheee!  So now the poor nurses at the hospital think I am a raving, crying, bitch of a patient when really I am the nicest person in the world! Really!  And because I am pregnant, instead of just being able to go in and cut the damn thing out, I had to wait for the stone to unblock whatever it was blocking.  Let me tell you, it took its sweet time.

But enough about me and my fun holiday weekend, onwards and upwards to the poll!  Last week I wanted to know how you would deal with rapist/kidnapper Phillip Garrido.  The majority of you stated that the likes of chemical castration, the death penalty, and life in prison were too good for him.  You guys are my kind of people!  There is something about the “turn the other cheek” philosophy that goes out the door when it comes to child abuse.

As for today, being Labor Day and the last “official” day of summer, I’ve got a question…

5 Responses to “Monday Teeny Poll”

  1. Awesome Mom Says:

    I hope that you feel better now! I had kidney stones when I was pregnant with my middle child and man it was painful.

  2. dr nic Says:

    I feel your pain (literally). I finally got to have my gallbladder taken out a little over a month ago. Unfortunately, gallstones can develop during pregnancy. Hope you don’t have any more attacks.

  3. class factotum Says:

    For what it’s worth, “turning the other cheek” was actually a subversive act of passive resistance. Something about how you backhanded your inferiors, so turning the other cheek would force the aggressor to hit the inferior with an open palm instead of the backhand. The open palm was reserved for social equals. Something like that. Basically, Jesus was telling people they didn’t have to be doormats but that there were non-violent ways to protest.

    I hope those stones do not return!

  4. Pencils Says:

    I am SO sorry, Glinda–I had a really bad case of gallstones and it was incredibly painful. My sister also developed gallstones while pregnant, and had to wait until after she had my nephew to get them removed. She couldn’t eat almost anything with fat in it or else she had a terrible attack, they were truly scary. I hope this was the last of your attacks. Good luck!

  5. gemdiva Says:

    Ouch! Glinda, hope you’re feeling better. Never had gallstones, but had kidney stones and it was nooooooo fun. And while you’re pregnant, that’s just awful. Hope they stay quiet for the duration at least.

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