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Parenting FAIL Pic O’the Day

By Glinda


Yes, those are young girls, including the younger sister of Miley Cyrus. Most of them are under the age of 10.

Yes, that is a stripper pole they are hanging on like it is a perverted piece of playground equipment.

Yes, this qualifies as a huge parenting FAIL.

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4 Responses to “Parenting FAIL Pic O’the Day”

  1. raincoaster Says:

    Acorn…tree…you know how it goes. How long till she’s dating a Jonas Brother and nattering on about Purity Rings?

  2. Pencils Says:

    That kid–Miley’s sister–is very creepy. I saw her on TV with her little friend, who I think is the blond Miley Minor is next to in the photo. Anyway, I had to scrub my brain after watching their little pedophile’s dream TV bit.

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