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Monday Teeny Poll

By Glinda


I asked about uniforms in public schools last week, and an overwhelming number of you, a full 78%, felt it was a great idea.  I agree.  When Target carries “uniform” clothes, then you pretty much know almost anyone can afford them.  I also went to parochial school for twelve years, and it simplified life so much to not have to worry about what I was going to wear the next day.  I think in the long run, it also saved my parents money, since those dang wool skirts I had to wear lasted for-EVER.

As far as today’s question, I want to find out how germophobic you are when it comes to your home and/or office.

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3 Responses to “Monday Teeny Poll”

  1. raincoaster Says:

    But all the real germophobe hypochondriacs I know consider themselves quite reasonable. I was just chatting with a man in England who is freaked out about the fact his father lets the dishes dry naturally; he’s worried this will allow coliform bacteria to grow on them. I said if his tapwater was really contaminated with human fecal waste, moist dishes was the least of his problems.

  2. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    I’m not really all that germophobic, and I highly doubt anybody would ever call me a neat freak, but I am obsessed about things being organized. I could have a veritable herd of dust bunnies stampeding across the living room floor, but a messy closet or disorganized cupboards will drive me stark raving mad. My sister is just the opposite — her closets and cupboards look like 1980’s-era Beirut, and she has about 20 unfolded loads of laundry piled up in a teetering tower on the loveseat in her bedroom, but her floors and counters are always shining.

    I do always make sure to wipe down the counters with a bleach solution after dealing with raw chicken or ground beef, though. Then again, I haven’t cleaned this keyboard in months. So we all have our blind spots.

  3. Pencils Says:

    I’m very careful about food, especially uncooked food, and especially especially uncooked meat. When I’m working with uncooked meat, I sanitize everything, I wash my hands repeatedly (without touching the faucet handles with my bare hands, I use a tissue or something and then clean them anyway) and I make sure nothing else has gotten in contact. I keep separate cutting boards for meat and other foods. And I never get the “stomach flu” or other transient stomach upsets. I’m much more laid back about ordinary dust and dirt though. Or I was until my daughter got to the crawling-and-putting-everything-in-her-mouth stage. But I’m sure I’ll go back to my old lazy ways when she gets older!

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