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The Double Jon Standard

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
By Glinda


I don’t get it.

Jon Gosselin has a semi-popular (and I do mean semi) popular reality show that is based around his family life, and when his family life implodes, dude goes nuts. And yet, he is followed around by the tabloids as if he were Brad Pitt. In fact, I think he is actually getting more tabloid coverage than Brad, if one can believe that.

Is it because he’s dating young blondes? Is it because he always looks so very clueless? Or because he has essentially abandoned his children to go partying and gallivanting about on other people’s yachts?

As I said before, I don’t get it.

But what flummoxes me (flummox being my third-favorite word in the English language) is why the women are dating him at all. He has left the state his children reside in and gotten himself a bachelor pad! So much for placing importance on his kids! In my eyes, he isn’t even remotely intelligent, or handsome, or witty, or any other criteria that most people have for a boyfriend. And at this point in time, certainly isn’t behaving like prime dad material, which is supposed to melt women’s hearts.

Maybe it’s the earring?

For some reason, though, he is being celebrated and courted by the media. And the blondes.

But you know that if a mother did the same thing, left the state and went around hooking up with hot young boy toys, she would be excoriated as a horrible mother from coast to coast. Now that I think about it, with eight young children, I’m betting there wouldn’t be many guys even willing to go out with her on a lunch date.

Based on the Jon Gosselin experience, it’s still definitely a man’s world out there.

Especially when all the chicks can apparently overlook the fact that he is wearing sneakers with no socks.

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