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Hot Mama Tip: Sephora LashStash Mascara Sampler | Teeny Manolo

Hot Mama Tip: Sephora LashStash Mascara Sampler

Just like the lovely perfume sampler I talked about earlier in the year, Sephora has just come out with a new sampler for those of us who are looking for that perfect mascara. The only difference is that this is does not have a certificate good for one full sized version. La Petite Acadienne, I think this has your name written all over it! 


For just $40.00, you get to sample eleven different mascaras! I happen to think this kit is well worth the price, because how many of us are hesitant to try on a mascara sample at the store? And then we go ahead and buy the full-sized version to try it out, and then wind up being horribly unimpressed and having to take it back. Or if you are like me, swearing I will return the thing one of these days, and then never getting around to it.

They also have a waterproof mascara set, although it doesn’t give you quite as many options as the one above.  But it does come with four mascaras, makeup remover, and an eye pencil.

I think this just might be the way to go if you are looking for a new favorite mascara, but are loathe to keep buying full sized versions until you find the right one.

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