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Guess the Celebrity Baby Picture

By Glinda

Last week, I asked you to guess who the happy, smiling baby with the loooong eyelashes was.

Congratulations to the superfantastic gemdiva, who was the first to guess Jimi Hendrix!

Who would have guessed such an angelic looking little boy would become a musical genius famous for smashing guitars?

As for today, I’m going to give you a picture, but this time, no hint unless everyone is having a hard time.


12 Responses to “Guess the Celebrity Baby Picture”

  1. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    To me, it looks like Billy Corgan, but I’m probably wrong.

  2. dr nic Says:

    I’m guessing Bjork.

  3. raincoaster Says:

    Kate Whatssername, the reverse-mullet-wearing serial mom.

  4. raincoaster Says:

    “Boy?” Ooops, next time I read for comprehension. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if she WAS born a boy.

  5. Jennie Says:

    Janis Joplin

  6. Stella Says:

    For some reason I thought Heidi Klum.

    @raincoaster — HA! Reverse mullet is the perfect description of Kate Gosselin’s hair. I always call that front part her “bang flap”.

  7. Mr. Henry Says:

    Debbie Harry?

  8. qc Says:

    Another vote for Bjork

  9. Glinda Says:

    Raincoaster, the “boy” was in reference to Jimi.

  10. mini_pixie Says:

    I think she kinda looks like Christina Ricci, but I’m probably wrong.

  11. Leigh Says:

    That is SO Bjork. That whole alien look has apparently stuck with her for quite awhile.

    (But please don’t think I’m dissing Bjork. I love her weird strangeness.)

  12. gemdiva Says:

    Anna Nicole Smith?

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