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The “Miracle” of Pregnancy

By Glinda

I feel the way she looks.

All right, so I’m starting to enter the uncomfortable phase of pregnancy. And maybe I’m getting a bit crabby.

My husband had put his hand on my belly, hoping to feel the baby move. “What an incredible thing it must be,” he said dreamily, “to carry a life inside of you. I wish I could know how that feels.”

“Oh yeah” I snapped, “it’s fantastic. Here are some examples.”

“Would you like to have boobs so sore that you can barely wear clothes?”

“Uhhhh, no.”

“How about nausea and morning sickness that hits any time of day?”


“Does being constipated work for you?”


“How about a sore back and sore hips in the morning because you have no choice other than to sleep on your side? No matter how much you want to go on your stomach, you can’t.”


How about people shoving their hands up your vagina whenever you go to the doctor?”

“I don’t really have one, but not that great, I suppose.”

“Being kept awake at night because some other person is deciding to do the hokey pokey in your uterus?”


“Oh and best of all, how do you think it feels to have the major organs of your lower body be completely squished and be forced to go wherever there might happen to be a little room?”


“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

OK, I’m definitely getting crabby.

4 Responses to “The “Miracle” of Pregnancy”

  1. Pencils Says:

    Yeah, you’re definitely getting to the “crabby” stage of late pregnancy. And now the summer’s starting to heat up, so that just adds an extra layer of fun. My sympathies.

  2. Glinda Says:

    Well, the sad part is that I’m only in the fifth month!

  3. mini_pixie Says:

    You keep fighting the good fight, there Glinda! Think of all the wonderful benefits of pregnancy- like having an excuse for laying on the couch looking pathetic and wanting the hubby to bring you ice water and cookies… wait that was just me? sorry!

    And the other half of that is, be glad you are still pregnant. As I may have mentioned here before, my littlest one was born at 25 weeks and I would have paid any amount of money to have still been pregnant! In fact, I have never experienced that time when you are so pregnant you just want it to be over with, like around 38-40 weeks (my older one was born at 35 weeks).

    There’s humor in there somewhere, right? ­čÖé

  4. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    Bwah-ha-ha! Glinda, that cracked me up. I’m in my 8th month, and my husband didn’t believe that all of my organs get shoved out of the way, so I found a diagram online that illustrates it, and he turned white as a sheet.

    But yeah, there are definitely downsides that a lot of people don’t think of. I hate sleeping on my side (I’ve always been a back sleeper), and so my routine is to sleep on my left side until I wake up from that hip being sore, then I roll over to my right side and sleep until that hip gets sore, lather, rinse, repeat all freaking night long. And I can’t even soothe myself with ice cream and cookies due to having gestational diabetes (which REALLY sucks, because the eating plan to control it is soooo restrictive). And I miss my shoes. I’ve got wicked bad fluid retention in my feet due to having poor circulation, so the only shoes that fit me right now are Chuck Taylors and flip flops.

    Overall, though, I confess that I am still really enjoying my pregnancy. There is something kind of neat about knowing that there’s another little person in there, moving around inside of you. And, as someone who always had a bit of a Buddha belly, it’s kind of nice to be able to let my belly stick out there unashamedly for the first time since puberty. Plus, it gives me an excellent excuse for whenever I am crabby, and no matter how much like crap I look, people feel contractually obligated to tell me that I look great. ­čÖé

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