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Celebrity Dad Faceoff 2.0

By Glinda

Although last week had a fairly low turnout, the majority vote favored none other than Mr. Robert Redford. And here at Teeny Manolo, when the majority speaks, we listen. Well, most of the time, anyway.

Now, I must throw in an admonition to our lovely readers. You are not to base your vote on what these men look like today. From the picture, ladies, from the picture! It is especially unfair to those whom we can see in their unfortunately doddering old age, as opposed to those that have passed away and are therefore imprinted more youthfully in our minds. So, don’t even think about it!

Today’s challenger rode into our hearts on his CHP motorcycle, flashing those now-famous choppers as bright as whatever little light doohickeys they used to pull people over. Or did they have any lights on the motor units? Whatever, I had a nice analogy going there, and I’m going to stick with it even though it might be factually incorrect.




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