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Celebrity Dad Faceoff 2.0

Friday, June 5th, 2009
By Glinda

Although last week had a fairly low turnout, the majority vote favored none other than Mr. Robert Redford. And here at Teeny Manolo, when the majority speaks, we listen. Well, most of the time, anyway.

Now, I must throw in an admonition to our lovely readers. You are not to base your vote on what these men look like today. From the picture, ladies, from the picture! It is especially unfair to those whom we can see in their unfortunately doddering old age, as opposed to those that have passed away and are therefore imprinted more youthfully in our minds. So, don’t even think about it!

Today’s challenger rode into our hearts on his CHP motorcycle, flashing those now-famous choppers as bright as whatever little light doohickeys they used to pull people over. Or did they have any lights on the motor units? Whatever, I had a nice analogy going there, and I’m going to stick with it even though it might be factually incorrect.




Happy Ketchiversary!

Friday, June 5th, 2009
By raincoaster

Heinz Ketchup Cake

We’re just overrun with occasions for celebration recently! Not only is it National Donut Day in the US, but it’s the 100th anniversary of the arrival of Heinz Ketchup to the great nation of Canuckistan. Presumably shipped via dogsled from more civilized climes, where it had been known (if in off-label form) since around 1801, the condiment quickly took over the pantry, being the perfect compliment to the Great Canadian National Dish of KD and thus required at a minimum of one meal every 36 hours.

We all know how America celebrates its celebratory occasions. How does Canada commemorate this most commemorative of occasions?

With Ketchup Cake:

“We all think of ketchup as the perfect complement to hotdogs, hamburgers and fries, but its unique taste makes it an ideal flavour enhancer for many recipes including desserts,” explains Amy Snider, PHEc. and Culinary Nutritionist., “Heinz Ketchup not only adds great flavour to the cake, but it also creates a wonderfully moist texture.”

With Canadians being the second highest per capita users of ketchup in the world, this gorgeously red dessert is sure to grace the tables of cake and ketchup lovers from coast to coast to coast during this special anniversary year.

ORLY? Any brave readers care to try the recipe (in the post) and report back on deliciousnessosity?

Happy National Donut Day!

Friday, June 5th, 2009
By raincoaster


We here in the frozen hinterlands are unfamiliar with many of the holidays celebrated by countries in more tropical climes, such as the holiday the Americans know as National Donut Day. At a guess, and knowning the Americans as I do, I would suspect it involves fireworks, fattening desserts, families bonding over shared sunburns and golden retriever puppies, and Martha Stewart making you feel inadequate somehow.

Who couldn’t get behind that?

To celebrate the esteemed traditional holiday (is it a stat?) of National Donut Day, Dunkin Donuts (is Dunkin a verb or a dude? One wonders about his parents’ education, and if he’s single, for yea, he must be stinking rich) is offering a FREE, that’s right, FREE donut to everyone who purchases a beverage, whether suitable for Dunkin or not.

Cocoa? Yup. Coffee? Yup. Milk? Yup. Diet Coke? Presumably, but WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

So here’s to the generous Dunkin and his bakers’ dozens of helpers all across the Lower 49 and the one floating in the Pacific and that other one hanging off the left side of Canada.

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