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Friday Caption Contest Results: Swine Flu Edition

By raincoaster

Note to self: when you want to generate some intense competition in the Caption Contest, just combine needlessly dramatic future actors and a topical background that makes reference to a potentially deadly epidemic.

Nothing like it to zip up a parenting site, eh?

Swine Flu

Jennie Says:

Purple pigs perched here and there.
Pox and pestilence everywhere.
Is it Hamthrax or is it the Swine
Should I worry or is it fine?
Masks and antibiotics are all the rage
Should I decide to live in a cage?
Who gives a flying what the F**k
I’ll breathe the air and trust my Luck!

Congrats to Jennie! Congrats and, of course, imaginary swag. What shall we present our princess of pork? How about something nice and piggy, something like the Tumbling Pig from Giggle. I’m not sure if it’s a piece of furniture or a toy, but it WILL roll with the porcine punches.

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