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The World’s Most Fashionable 8 Year Old Tells You What to Wear

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009
By Glinda

Yes, once again GQ interviews the style-obsessed Arlo Weiner for his sartorial tips on warm weather dressing.

Let it also be known that my six year old has begun taking a fledgling interest in clothing, insisting that every time he wears a polo shirt that the collar must be popped. This ususally prompts someone other than myself to tell him his collar should be down, but this has yet to deter him.


One of Arlo’s suggestions is that shorts are to be avoided, unless it’s really, really hot. Like, in his words “Palm Springs” hot in the summer, which places the average temperature around 110F.

I may have to disagree with Arlo on this one. I can’t imagine the Munchkin running around in the summer in anything but shorts. Anything else would invite heat stroke.


Arlo also advocates wearing black pants with a classic white or blue button down shirt “with the top button open. You still look good but it lets the air in.”

Arlo, bless his heart, must have a very high heat tolerance.


“A seersucker suit is great in summer. It’s a way to be fancy without being hot. ”

Finally, something I agree with! I am a big fan of seersucker, an often tragically overlooked fabric. Anyone who has ever worn seersucker knows how cool it keeps you. And while most boys I know may or may not wear a fabulous seersucker suit, they can certainly wear a cute button-down as a compromise.

Friday Caption Contest Results: Martha Stewart Edition

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009
By raincoaster

Oh, my. Martha Stewart is indeed a woman of intimidating power and awesome reach. Why, simply the expectation of retribution was enough to prevent our intrepid commenters from doing their worst as per usual.

For the first time in the history of Teeny Manolo, we hereby declare the winner of the Friday Caption Contest to be the subject of the Friday Caption Contest. Congratulations, Martha!

Martha's a twit

And what shall we give Martha to commemorate her victory? What could possibly meet her famously high standards, have some bling factor, yet also be practical enough for her to find handy? Hmmm, how about this Crystal Saver Diamond File? You just never know when a small, portable file will come in handy.

Crystal Saver might save Martha's freedom

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