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Something naughty, and something nice for Mothers Day from us at TeenyManolo (and I gave Glinda the day off because she IS a mother, and she deserves to spend the day lolling in bed eating fruit salad and almost-cooked pancakes that her offspring has prepared for her).

First, something naughty from Walmart: an ad on Elevenmoms that manages to combine “leakage protection,” Mom jeans, and Star Trek porn links. Hmmm, you wouldn’t think there’d be enough incontinent, poorly-dressed female Trekkies to make it worthwhile. Click to enlarge, if you must.

Happy mothers Day
via Jessica Gottlieb.

Bonus naughty AND nice video featuring Fabio dressed as a pirate, giving Jack Sparrow a run for his money in the heartthrob department. Click and enjoy (even if only a hearty laugh).

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  1. Jennie Says:


  2. raincoaster Says:

    Hey, that damn pirate stole my title! Oh well, let’s just leave it now.

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