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Sunday BlogCruise | Teeny Manolo

Sunday BlogCruise

GLENDA?                        IS THAT YOU?

Some Sundays we just want to take it easy on the ol’ blog, particularly since that ol’ blog has been showing its age more than usually lately! So this Sunday we’re just going to post a lolcat and a few links of interest and pretty much guaranteed to be online at any given moment, which is more than you can say for us!

The bacon bra (Fracas)

Disturbing pacifiers? (LaughingStork)

Prince Harry is still not over my rejection (Bild)

Growing up Buckley: Mum and Pup and Me (Disembedded)

Diva gene breeds true to type (GlamBabyBumps)

The first rule of Donut Club is… (CelebrityBabyScoop)

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