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Friday Caption Contest: Breakfast Dress Edition

By raincoaster

We will present the following, actual designer dress without comment, because we expect you can do better than us. Do it in the comments section and the winner will receive, as always, a fabulous, completely imaginary prize:

Breakfast Dress

12 Responses to “Friday Caption Contest: Breakfast Dress Edition”

  1. ernie yacub Says:

    what, no bacon?

  2. gamma Says:

    Alpha Mom discovers a way to beat June Cleaver in the dressing-to-cook-breakfast competition.

  3. Glinda Says:

    Millicent wondered if the purple tights had put her outfit over the top.

  4. raincoaster Says:

    That’s the last time I’m ordering the Eggs Dali.

  5. Toreyy Says:

    Leslie stops and wonders if she got bad directions to the 1st grade play!

  6. Ripley Says:

    Margaret wonders if she’s gone too far to get her toddler to eat breakfast.

  7. Jennie Says:

    In an effort to draw the artsy crowd, Waffle House came up with a new uniform…

  8. gemdiva Says:

    “Hey everybody”, cried Lulu. “Breakfast is on me!”

    Get it, get it?

  9. fracas Says:

    I have a caption, but it’s kind of off-color, so it might be one of those times it’s best left in my head.

    Perhaps I’ll come back when I’ve had a talk with myself and can think of a non-naughty one.

    So far, mine not being worthy… I’m voting for gemdiva’s.

  10. raincoaster Says:

    Oh, I dunno. I think we’re relatively okay with the off-colour here.

  11. hickchick Says:

    Once again Karl Lagerfeld leaves Paris with egg on his face.

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