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Vent About a Kid Day!

By Glinda


Because the “Brag About a Kid Day” was so successful, we are obligated to flip to the other side of the coin.

Now, venting about your kid doesn’t mean you don’t love them, it just means they aren’t perfect. Like everyone else on the planet. Don’t feel guilty about it, just make sure that they never, ever hear you do it. Then you can feel guilty.

We all vent about the people in our lives and their little foibles and possibly annoying ways. It’s human, it’s normal, and just because you wish your kid didn’t pick his nose all the time or whatever doesn’t make you a bad mommy.

We here at Teeny Manolo want to offer a supportive, caring environment for you to vent about that certain child in your life. It can even be the neighbor kid three houses down!

Feel free to vent away!

9 Responses to “Vent About a Kid Day!”

  1. Awesome Mom Says:

    My kids seem to have become deaf and can’t hear the sound of my voice telling them to do something. Oddly enough if I am telling them to come upstairs and have some candy in a whisper they seem to hear it just fine. My youngest missed the terrible twos but it more than making up for it at three. My eldest has to questions each and every thing that I tell him and if he does not like what he is hearing he tries and convince me to do the thing he wants done. If he wants chicken nuggets for lunch he thinks that by repeating that over and over I will be mesmerized and change my mind.

  2. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    I love my youngest nephew — he’s a child of my own heart. But because he’s the “baby” (at age 9) and is admittedly a cute child, he tries to get out of trouble by showing off and acting cute and laughing, thinking it’s all very funny. And for some reason, that makes me even angrier than the initial misbehaviour did.

  3. Glinda Says:

    With the Munchkin, everything is up for negotiation. Rarely will he just do what I ask him without some sort of “Ok, this is the deal, if I…”

    Homework. On Monday it took him AN HOUR to do something that should have taken twenty minutes. Oy.

    AND, his weird skin sensitivity has rendered an entire bag of socks useless.

  4. Dot Says:

    PUT THE DISHES IN THE DISHWASHER! And my other favorite, put your clothes away in the dresser. Not the closet floor.

    I hate repeating myself.

  5. raincoaster Says:

    Dear Teenage Goddaughter:

    If you ever make me wait a half hour for you on a train platform in the rain, only to ditch me and hang with your friends instead of showing up, I am going to hack the hell out of your Facebook. And you know I can do it, too.

  6. Laurie Says:

    Toddler tantrums! OMG, why is it you not only need me to hold you but I must be standing up. Holding and sitting will not suffice.

  7. Pencils Says:

    Darling stepson, I really appreciate that you don’t leave your wet towels on the floor in the bathroom, but flinging them over the shower curtain rod in one big moldering lump isn’t much better. Is it so hard to spread them out neatly so they dry? (I’ve given up hoping they’d go over the towel rod.) And I also appreciate that I no longer see your dirty socks abandoned in the living room. However, hiding them under the couch isn’t good enough, not if you forget that you put them there–and you always do.

  8. Joan H. Says:

    Oh, I could make a list, but I’ll limit myself to the best friend of the bully in a class I worked in last week (substitute teacher, 6th grade). He made a point of walking over to me just to tell me that his friend, the bully, thinks I’m stupid. Now the bully is already in in-school suspension because he misbehaved that day I was working in his class, so I understand why he dislikes me. What I don’t get is the friend making an effort to tell me that, five days later. That kid is the real idiot.

    I took the wind out of his sails by telling him that everyone is entitled to an opinion.

  9. dgm Says:

    My son leaves a wet towel on the floor of his bedroom EVERY NIGHT. (My daughter used to do that, but we finally broke her of that habit after–what–2 years?) And he has a really loud talking voice, especially when he’s excited, and he won’t sit in his chair at the dinner table for very long.

    My daughter eats with her fingers when utensils are called for, and she is hopelessly addicted to sugar, and she has a difficult time reading the body language of the cats, which is why I don’t blame them for scratching her. Oh, and she’s starting to take my clothes.

    Ahhhhhhh. Thank you.

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