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Monday Teeny Poll

By Glinda

Last week I asked you how your Valentine’s Day went. Fifty percent had a fabulous day (or weekend), twenty-three percent don’t like made-up holidays, and twenty-one percent didn’t celebrate at all. My Valentine’s weekend was supposed to be fantastic, with the Munchkin going on a long weekend vacay with the grandparents. However, a little thing called the flu had to interfere, and instead we spent Valentine’s day dozing on the couch and checking our temperatures every few hours.

As for today, I’m all about Miley Cyrus and her Oscar gown.


7 Responses to “Monday Teeny Poll”

  1. raincoaster Says:

    Nice dress. She still stands like a truckstop floozy, though.

  2. PureEm Says:

    Why does it remind me of an avocado?

  3. jjbreakspear Says:

    That dress looks like slabs of cave wall ooze sloughing off her

  4. tofufighting Says:

    Remember those Barbie cakes where you stuck a naked Barbie in a cake and decorated it into a dress for her?

  5. class factotum Says:

    Tofu, my mother would make me a cake like that for my birthday when I was a kid! I always felt sorry for kids who had to have store-bought cakes.

  6. gemdiva Says:

    She looks like she is being devoured by a carniverous plant. That dress is all kinds of wrong. I guess she should get points though, for keeping her naughty bits modestly covered up.

  7. peace out Says:

    that is the ugliest dress i’ve ever seen

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