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Listmania! Cool Shoes for Boys

By Glinda

We here at Teeny Manolo often look at the search terms that land people on the site. I recently saw one that requested “what shoes make a boy looks cool?”

Here you are, my anonymous friend. From skate shoes to sandals to dress shoes, I’ve got them all.

Circa Kids - Lopez 50K (Toddler/Youth) (Black/Originals) - Footwear
Circa Kids – Lopez 50K
(Toddler/Youth) I love the color combinations on this very cool skate shoe. Tons and tons of positive reader reviews on this as well. Along with a great price, these shoes are winners all around!

Merrell Kids - Mesa Z-Rap Waterproof (Toddler/Youth) (Beige) - Footwear
Merrell Kids – Mesa Z-Rap Waterproof
(Toddler/Youth) These highly rated waterproof shoes will have him ready to face any kind or terrain or weather!

Puma Kids - 917 Lo V (Toddler/Youth) (Spectra Yellow/White/Black) - Footwear
Puma Kids – 917 Lo V
(Toddler/Youth), I really like the colors and styling of this low-profile shoe, especially the T-toe.

Skechers Kids - Airators - Supercharger (Toddler/Youth) (Black/Olive) - Footwear
Skechers Kids – Airators – Supercharger
(Toddler/Youth) I can’t include a list of boys’ shoes without having Skechers. My own son wears Skechers and loves them. He finds them very comfortable, which for him is saying a lot.

Tsukihoshi Kids - Euro (Toddler/Youth) (Brown/Orange) - Footwear
Tsukihoshi Kids – Euro
(Toddler/Youth) This shoe has some of the highest ratings of any kids’ shoe on Zappos. Great styling and construction make this shoe a popular choice.

Teva Kids - Toachi (Toddler/Youth) (Midnight Navy) - Footwear
Teva Kids – Toachi
(Toddler/Youth) I chose this shoe because of it’s unusual construction, which is something between a sandal and a sneaker. The closed toe is one of the best features of this shoe.

Bass Kids - Exeter (Infant/Toddler) (Black Leather) - Footwear
Bass Kids – Exeter
(Toddler/Youth) You can’t go wrong with this classic dress shoe. It’s on sale, too!

Vincent - Fredrik (Infant/Toddler/Youth) (Brown) - Footwear
Vincent – Fredrik
(Infant/Toddler/Youth) Contrast stitching, water repellent upper, and breathable mesh lining combine with sleek styling give this shoe a five-star rating.

adidas Kids - Akwah IV K (Toddler/Youth) (Sesame/Spark/Dark Navy) - Footwear
adidas Kids – Akwah IV K
(Toddler/Youth) While this may not win any beauty contests, this shoe is comfortable and very reasonably priced for tons of fun on the beach.

Sperry Kids - Colton (Youth) (Burgundy Brush Off) - Footwear
Sperry Kids – Colton/a> (Youth) Another classic, the slip-on pennyloafer.

Vans Kids - Rowley [X] (Toddler/Youth) (Black/Royal) - Footwear
Vans Kids – Rowley
(Youth) Vans have made a comeback in a big way. Have your kid rock the ramp with some of the best skate shoes around!

2 Responses to “Listmania! Cool Shoes for Boys”

  1. dgm Says:

    I’m partial to the Vans, Pumas and Circas. My friend works for Circa and we score on the boys and girls shoes. Yay!

  2. raincoaster Says:

    I find myself somewhat horrified that you had the chance to feature the incredibly debonair white suede Bass Exeter and instead chose the black leather. Are white bucks to be relegated to marginal shots in second-rate James Bond movies? Ou sont des chausseurs d’antan?

    But then, we all know I’ve never gotten over my crush on Tom Wolfe.

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