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We Be Illin’

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009
By Glinda


And not in a good, 80’s Run DMC kind of way.

It’s all my fault, actually.

I was talking to a friend and mentioned how we hadn’t gotten the flu yet. I wondered if it had made its way over to the West Coast, and if somehow we managed to avoid its scourge.

Nothing angers the Flu Gods and gets their attention like someone glibly stating that they have yet to be struck.

Sure enough, within a week, we were dealing with 103 degree temperatures and a miserable, glassy-eyed child who refused to eat. Even ice cream.

It’s been five days, and the Munchkin still isn’t much better. We took him to the doctor, concerned about the unbroken high fever, and were told to simply wait it out.

I’m waiting it out. I’ve been waiting it out. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME almighty Flu Gods? A shrine made up of used tissue boxes, thermometers, and children’s Tylenol bottles?

Because I could totally do that.

take a gander at this

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009
By raincoaster

Oh, I kill myself sometimes!

Donald Duck's family tree

This magnificent tapestry of tragicomedy is nothing more and surely nothing less than the family tree of Donald Duck, his ancestors, and his heirs. Once removed (well, once voluntarily and once forcibly) that is, because if there’s one thing I know about Donald, it’s that he’s a confirmed bachelor and won’t be having any wee Donaldlings of his own.

See the way he’s checking out his cousin Gladstone Gander there?…well, take a look at the gleam in his parents’ eyes and you tell me. That branch of the family unquestionably comes with a twist so to speak. Speaking of which, who is the mysterious mate of Donald’s sister, the devlish Della? Why is Disney hiding him? Enquiring minds want to know! It’s an Avian House of Atreus, a veritable Dynasty of Duckitude.

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