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Listmania! Best Books About Presidents for Children

Sunday, January 18th, 2009
By Glinda

Presidential inaugurations, Presidential birthdays, days celebrating Presidents, period! What better time to get your kids interested in Presidential history?

PhotobucketYo, Millard Fillmore! A comic-like book about Mr. Fillmore and all those other presidents you don’t know anything about. Grover Cleveland, anyone?

PhotobucketDon’t Know Much About the Presidents For people who love little-known trivia about the Presidents, such as poker-playing Warren G. Harding once gambled away a set of White House china.

PhotobucketWhat Presidents Are Made Of The beautiful, imaginative portraits of the presidents made with bits of realia are what make this book special.

PhotobucketGeorge Washington’s Breakfast A boy named after the President tries to find out everything he can about his namesake.

Photobucket. . . If You Grew Up with George Washington Takes kids on a fascinating journey about what life would be like growing up in colonial times.

PhotobucketAbe Lincoln’s Hat Unlike many other books about Lincoln, he is shown as a struggling and somewhat disorganized lawyer who makes his way through goodwill and good sense.

PhotobucketGeorge Washington and the General’s Dog George Washington finds a dog on a battlefield during the American Revolution. Whose dog is it?

PhotobucketMr. Lincoln’s Whiskers The true story of how an independent 11-year old girl wrote a letter to Mr. Lincoln suggesting he grow a beard.

PhotobucketGeorge Washington’s Teeth More than you ever wanted to know about George Washington and his dental woes!

PhotobucketIf the Walls Could Talk: Family Life at the White House An especially timely read, as there will be young children growing up in the White House for the first time in many years.

Ovaries of Danger

Sunday, January 18th, 2009
By raincoaster

It’s just as the Patriarchy is always saying: ovaries are dangerous and need to be controlled!

I Heart Ovaries

This soft pink uterus is ready for action! When it’s that time of the month, you may not like your uterus much, but hey, you wouldn’t be here without one, so give props to this special reproductive organ. Besides, if you think cramps are bad, you should try childbirth. This extra-soft 8″ x 7″ plush comes with an informative tag that describes the magic that is the uterus.

Actually, just these ones are dangerous, from my very favorite toy company in the entire world, I Heart Guts. They’re a toy company that specializes in, you guessed it, guts. Friendly, plushy guts. And if you’ve seen most of the twee, be-fanged PMSing Hipster-designed toys that are out there, a cushy colon or a fuzzy fallopian tube seems downright cuddly in comparison.

In any case, if you have the Plush Uterus and a young child is using it as a toy, you should take it away and apply for the refund, as the ovaries may detach and pose a choking hazard. And that would be a hell of a thing to explain to the paramedics, if you think about it.

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